Within the past 5 years of my life I've spent countless hours encouraging and motivating young men and women in their faith, through outreach, bible studies, hosting a daily prayer line, and counseling young women during their rough seasons. I've overcome substance abuse, depression & suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, hopelessness, and a variety of self-destructive behaviors. It was a relationship with God that saved me; and through that connection to him, I rediscovered myself, my purpose, and my passion. I aim to teach and encourage young women how to discovery their identity and their power.



  • Through the Valley: Maintaining your faith and your intimacy with God during the most difficult seasons of your life.

  • Self-Abuse: Recognizing and overcoming self-destructive behaviors so that you can be the you, God created you to be!

  • Refresh & Refocus: Correcting false thinking and defeated mindsets in order to grab hold of the wonderful plan God established for your life, and go for it!

  • Faith Beyond Walls: Developing the courage to believe and achieve beyond the walls that previously blocked your greatness.

  • The Path to Destiny: Revealing the 3 major roadblocks that are commonly experience on our path to a great destiny and how we can avoid being sidetracked by them.

  • Ripping off the Bandaid: Confronting the ugly truth in order to reveal the true beauty of healing and wholeness.


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