beauty for ashes

live. learn. grow. & flourish.


the mission

To engage a community of women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through honest and vulnerable conversations with practical application. I intend to help women experience the limitless Peace, Love, and Joy of the Lord. Transparency is my superpower and God’s gift to the world.


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the podcast

I Still Need Jesus, was created with the intention of using transparency, artistic expression, and the word of God to help women like me reconcile their everyday experiences with their faith.


the community

Iron sharpens iron, that’s why I am building a community of women who are dedicated to spiritual growth and personal growth. So join our free Facebook group and grow with us!


the shop

Your faith doesn’t have to be hidden away in our heart, now you can wear it on your sleeve! Check out our collection of graphic tees & hoodies, plus some extra goodies to help build your faith and devotion to God.

I gave Him Ashes & He made them beautiful.
— Ashley Sweeting